At first try: cactus figs, lemon cheesecake, and ice cream

Lately, I have seen a lot of cactus figs at the fruit market and in supermarkets such as the Albert Heijn. Last week, one tray of 4-6 cactus figs was only €1 at the Lidl supermarket, so I gave them a try for the first time. Initially, I got one tray with only orange cactus figs (the picture at the top), but after liking the taste, I got another tray with three colors: red, green, and orange (the two pictures underneath).

Lidl cactus figs red green orange seeds cut in pieces prickly

Cactus figs 

The orange cactus figs tasted a bit like a refreshing and mildly sweet, persimmon. There were softer and riper ones and firmer and crunchier ones, but the texture is similar to a kiwifruit. The green cactus figs tasted a bit like pear and the red one tasted similar to the red dragon fruit. There are however very hard and relatively big seeds in there. I don't know if I am supposed to eat them, but I did. 

Peeling the fruit requires you to be a bit careful, as the black dots on the skin of the cactus figs are prickly. First, cut the top and bottom parts and then, use a knife to peel off the skin. Rinse it a bit under a running faucet, before you eat it. 

Gelatelli nocciolato dark cookie ice cream bars sticks chocolate hazelnut crunchy

Gelatelli nocciolato and dark cookie chocolate ice cream bars

During the summer, I bought these two boxes of chocolate ice cream bars at the Lidl supermarket. They were special editions and they looked delicious. I ate the dark cookie ice cream bar right after getting back from the supermarket, while it was 30 degrees Celsius outside, hence the terrible melted state in the picture. In the center, there was a dark cocoa cookie ice cream with crunchy pieces of cookies (basically Oreo cookies, but they cannot use the brandname), covered by a milky and creamy layer, and then, a crispy layer of milk chocolate with crunchy pieces of cookies. It tasted just like I expected it to be, very yummy!

The Nocciolato (hazelnut) chocolate ice cream bar was a nice surprise. The hazelnut ice cream inside was covered by a sticky hazelnut sauce and a crispy layer of milk chocolate with hazelnut pieces. The hazelnut ice cream could have a bit stronger hazelnut flavor, but the two outer layers made up for that. It was not bad!

Aldi prestige lemon cheesecake

Aldi prestige lemon cheesecake

The lemon cheesecake was airy and not too heavy. The buttery crust tasted good with the lemon flavored cheesecake filling and lemon sauce. It was quite nice, but not super amazing. I added a refreshing note to it, by sprinkling some pomegranate seeds on top.

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