Shopping with Michelle #4

During my last visit to Rotterdam city center, I discovered that there is a ferris wheel next to the Markthal again. It is placed differently than the last time that I took a picture of it. The people living in the apartments at the top of the Markthal were concerned about their privacy, so on the side of the Markthal, the windows are covered by a special dotted foil, which makes looking outside possible, but zooming in with your camera not. Another thing that's different is that it is a Dinner wheel now and you can have lunch or dinner in the moving cabins. You can also choose to not eat and drink anything and just get in for the amazing view.

Markthal Rotterdam ferriswheel netherlands

Flower burger restaurant in Rotterdam 

Close to the ferris wheel, there is the newly opened Flower burger restaurant. The interior looks really colorful, just like their burger buns. I haven't eaten there yet, as I am not sure if I would like vegan burgers. But if the reviews are good, I might give it a try some day.

Flower burger Rotterdam the Netherlands

Doppio ice cream 

Besides getting frozen yogurt at Smöoy all the time, I also visited the Doppio ice cream parlor during the summer. I was hoping to get the incredibly good lime-mint ice cream again, but they didn't have that flavor. The lime-anise flavor sounded interesting, so I got that one instead. I also got a scoop of the caramel-seasalt flavor.

The lime-anise wasn't as amazing as the lime-mint, but the lime flavor was nice and although you could really taste the anise, it didn't get to the point that it becomes disgusting. The flavors were okay together. It was good to try once.

The caramel seasalt was okay too. It had a creamy caramel flavor -not too strong or too sweet-, but the seasalt flavor was on the weak side. I think actually sprinkling some seasalt on top could have saved it.

Doppio ice cream lime anise caramel seasalt

Kokoro market in The Hague

Not only did I have dim sum in The Hague, I also discovered this small Korean and Japanese grocery store, called Kokoro market. However, I only saw Korean food products, not much Japanese. There was one wall filled with Korean ramen, one wall with Korean snacks (watermelon chocopie!), one wall with laver (seaweed sheets), one wall with drinks, soju, and makgeolli, some kpop goods, and a freezer section with Korean gyoza, frozen foods, and single packaging of Korean ice creams/sticks.

Kokomo market the Hague Japanese korean groceries supermarket

The prices were a bit high compared to the prices that I saw during my recent trip to Seoul, so I was a bit reluctant in buying a lot of things. I did like the makgeolli that I had so much that I kind of miss it, so I bought two bottles of the Kook Soon Dang Makgeolli Peach Smooth Sparkling Rice Wine (3% alcohol; 750 ml; €3.75). Later on, I also found these at the Amazing oriental supermarket in Rotterdam for €4.50.

Korean makgeolli kook soon dang peach rice wine alcoholic

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