Etude House Play Nail OR051 - Honey grapefruit

After working hard on my mental health, I have recovered quite a lot lately (although there will always be a danger of a relapse). I used to just forget everything and always run away from my past and it was about time that I faced it. Even my body and mind made me hit the brakes, slow down, and deal with everything, before it kills me. My theory is that when you are about 27 years old, your brain feels that you are mature enough to deal with everything that you used to push away, numb down, and ignore. It will just flood you with all the memories, pain, and horror, all at once. Either you will come out stronger or you die (hence, the infamous 27 club). I was able to delay it for a few years by taking out everything that gave me stress and have a more relaxed life, but it was inevitable. I don't know if I have died a thousand deaths or just became a little stronger, but what matters is that I am back.

I have picked up my excersize routine, I reached out to people from the past that I used to avoid, as they reminded me of horrible times, even though it wasn't them who hurt me, and I have re-found my pleasure in small things like putting nail polish on my nails. The Etude House Play Nail OR051 - Honey grapefruit is one of the two nail polishes that I picked out in an actual Etude House store in South-Korea. I thought I would have brought back a truckload of Etude House products, but in the end, it was only 4 in total (of which two were bought in the Etude House store in Hong Kong). Mainly, it was because the trip was so sudden that I didn't have the time to prepare a decent wish list and the small Myeongdong Etude House shop didn't have a lot of things stocked. Strangely enough, both of the two nail polishes have the Pantone 2019 - Living Coral theme. Once again, I am way ahead of my time, haha.

The Etude House Play Nail OR051 - Honey grapefruit has a beautiful, glossy coral color. As the name suggests, it is almost like a warm toned, pink grapefruit. The nail polish applies a bit sheer, but after two thin coats, you get a beautiful, translucent pink color, and after three to four thin coats, you get a color that leans more to an opaque orange. It is the exact color that I have been searching for since forever and even better than I could ever imagine. It is a bit early, but I am already announcing it as my it-nail polish of 2019. It applies perfectly with the wide brush and the fluidity of the nail polish is just right, not too watery or too thick. It is the first time I tried the Etude House Play Nail polishes (only had the older collections of nail polishes) and I am pleasantly surprised. The glossines  - almost like gel nails - stayed on the nails for a whole week, I barely felt it weighing down on my nails, and only after those seven days, it started to show some minor chipping. Removing it was super easy too and it didn't stain my nails, even when I was too lazy to apply a base coat. 

Etude House Play Nail OR051 Honey grapefruit living coral nail polish swatch bottle brush on nails close up whole hand

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