Etude House Play Nail OR053 - Beach Volleyball

Besides this beautiful, glossy coral nail polish, I also personally picked out the Etude House Play Nail OR053 - Beach Volleyball in an Etude House store in Korea. It is a glitter nail polish with a clear base and the various glitters have a satiny finish. The base has a slightly thick consistency, but it applies quite smoothly and it layers thick enough to cover the glitters. Only the star glitters peek through once in a while and tugs onto things. It made me so annoyed that I pulled some star glitters off my nails, so make sure that you cover those with enough of the clear base or a good layer of top coat.

Etude House Play Nail OR053 Beach Volleyball nail polish swatch on nails far close up bottle glitters neon satin finish stars

The glitters have a nice variety of colors, size, and shapes. It has a pretty paint splatter effect and a really colorful one too. It goes from white to yellow to light orange to dark orange to dark pink. The tiny white glitters resemble a snowy sky background. In the beginning, it isn't that noticeable, but after some time, the glitters fade to a bright neon color. It would probably look great on your nails during a beach volleyball session at the beach.

The nail polish lasted quite long on the nails (about a week), so it would be a great idea to take it along on vacation. When it chips, you can just add a fresh layer on top of the existing one. It will look as new again.

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