At first try #2: coated pretzel sticks and KitKat Ruby

At the Big Bazar store in Rotterdam city centre (closed now), I discovered these coated pretzel sticks from the brand Delightful sticks. They look similar to the Pocky sticks from Japan, but the biscuit sticks are replaced by pretzel sticks (but without the coarse grains of salt stuck on the outside). They were only €0.59 per box and inside is one large bag with more than 20 sticks (50g).

Delightful sticks yogurt flavor caramel coated pretzel sticks

Out of the two flavors, I like the yogurt flavor the most, as it has a nice yogurt sourness, which is not too sweet or too sour. It makes me want to keep eating them. The caramel flavor has a weak caramel/chocolate flavor and it is not that delicious.

The pretzel sticks are not as strange as I thought they would be, since the flavors of the coat of caramel or yogurt cream blended well with the crunchy pretzel sticks, which have a glossy, smooth surface and the distinct baked pretzel flavor.

Kitkat ruby cocoa beans pink chocolate

The KitKat Ruby has been introduced in the Netherlands for some time already. I think it looks and smells amazing (fruity and berry), but the flavor didn't impress me that much. It is a tad bit too sour and I think I expected too much from it (obsessed with anything pink and fruity). Recently, you can also find KitKat green tea matcha at the AH to go shops, but since it is adjusted to the European taste, I am a bit reluctant to give it a try.

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