McDonald's Grand Big Mac

Recently, McDonald's has three different kinds of Big Macs on the menu: Mac Jr. (a single patty Big Mac), the normal Big Mac, and the Grand Big Mac (a giant Big Mac). When I saw the promotional pictures, I was really curious about how big the Grand Big Mac is. That's why I went to the McDonald's last Tuesday and got one to try out. Normally, the Big Mac bun is about the size of a normal hamburger, but the Grand Big Mac bun has the size of a Whopper burger from Burger King. The beef patties are noticeably wider and thicker. I also feel really full after eating only a Grand Big Mac, while I can easily finish the fries and soda of a Big Mac value meal, after eating the Big Mac. Because there is more meat and more of the Big Mac sauce, there should also be a bit more lettuce and pickles, as it got quite heavy near the end of finishing the burger. But the good thing is - maybe because not many people were ordering it yet -, that I got a hot burger (not a lukewarm one).

McDonald's Grand Big Mac Netherlands Rotterdam

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