Recipe: salmon furikake onigiri

It has gotten really hot in the Netherlands (over 30 degrees Celsius!) and when it's hot, I don't really have much of an appetite. That's when I like to make onigiri, Japanese, triangular shaped, rice balls. You make make these for lunch, as a snack in between meals, and for dinner.

Sockeye salmon furikake onigiri rice triangular formed balls

You can make basic onigiri with only some salt as seasoning and a small piece of nori wrapped at the bottom to prevent making your hands dirty. At the Amazing Oriental supermarket, I found this pack of salmon furikake (flakes topping for rice). One pack contains 5 servings, but I needed one serving to mix through the Japanese sushi rice and another serving to sprinkle on top. 

Nagatanien topping for rice furikake sockeye salmon flakes nori


- Cook sushi rice
- Let it cool down for a little bit
- Fill a large bowl with water to moisten your hands every time, you make a new onigiri.
- Set aside a plate with some coarse seasalt. Sprinkle salt on the palms of your hands, before you make an onigiri and after moistening your hands with some water.
- Mix a portion of the furikake with the cooled down sushi rice.
- Shape a handful of rice into a triangle with rounded corners
- Sprinkle a portion of the furikake on top or cover the entire outside of the onigiri with it.

Triangular rice balls with salmon furikake

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