At first try #3: New Year's Eve 2019

For New Year's Eve, we bought a selection of drinks and snacks at the Lidl supermarket. It was a big risk, as I tried all of these for the first time (except for the macarons). Some were a pleasant surprise and some were not that great.

Lidl cremant de bourgogne brut brie toasts almonds grana padano cream cheese truffle macarons

1. Grana Padana cheese. It is a hard cheese, which is really suitable to grate on top of hams on toast and on pasta. I like the flavor, as it is rich and not too salty. 

2. Crémant de bourgogne AOP brut. It is the famous, low budget version of champagne from Lidl that even beat a very expensive and brand name champagne in a contest. I have always been curious of it and I finally got to try it. It has a soft bubble and a delicate flavor. However, it is a bit heavy, while I prefer light and fruity. 

3. Alesto vanilla almonds. It lacks a bit of a crunch, as the sugary coating is a bit on the hard side, and the flavors doesn't really work for me. 

4. Brie. It has a delicate brie flavor, which should appeal to most people, but it is a bit dry. 

5. Macarons. They are pretty good, considering the price and that they came out of the fridge. The flavors are strong and the filling is chewy and soft. 

6. Cream cheese with porcini mushrooms and truffle. I really like the soft serve shape of the cream cheese. My mom even mistook it for dessert :). The cream cheese had a nice truffle flavor, which wasn't too overpowering. 

7. Brie with a soft center with truffle flavor. The truffle flavor was stronger than the one of the cream cheese, but still very tasty. I especially like the soft and creamy center. 

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