Social deal: Die Bierstube and Spar supermarket

It has been a long time, since I last bought something from Social deal (an app, which has frequent deals from local businesses). But lately, I discovered two deals that looked quite interesting. One is from Die Bierstube, a sausage and wiener schnitzel restaurant, which has recently opened in the Markthal in Rotterdam, and the other one is from a local Spar supermarket.

Die Bierstube

Verlengde Nieuwstraat 181, Rotterdam

Die bierstube markthal Rotterdam schnitzel chicken sandwich french fries bratwurst hotdog

The deal is a schnitzel sandwich or a hotdog with a side of fries for €4.35. We wanted to try both of their specialties, so we ordered the chicken schnitzel sandwich and the bratwurst hotdog. The chicken schnitzel sandwich has a round bun and inside, there was lettuce, tomato, mayonaise, and a thick chicken schnitzel. Because we needed to wait a bit for the fries, it cooled down and it wasn't that crispy. We initially thought we could only order this deal at the outside counter, so we waited until everything was prepared, so that we could take it all to one of the benches inside the Markthal to eat there. After waiting for some time, we were told that we were allowed to sit inside the restaurant too. That's why I can only comment on how the sandwich and hotdog tasted, when cooled down. I think the bread that came with the chicken schnitzel was a good choice, as it wasn't too hard or too soft. The only thing was that it could use a bit more seasoning. The mayonaise was very mild and subtle (great when mixed with other sauces on the hotdog, but not enough on its own). The bratwurst in the hot dog bun was already prepared and heated up on the hot plate, after ordering. I think this is done to shorten the waiting time, as day tourists do not have much time to spare if they want to see a lot of Rotterdam, before they get back on their travel bus. I am not sure if I have the patience to wait for longer than 10 minutes either, if my lunch time is only 1 hour and the waiting line too long. But the bratwurst, which is as long as my underarm, still has a nice flavor and texture. It was not too oily or too salty. It makes me wonder how great it tastes, freshly prepared. Our side of fries was combined on one paper plate and it was quite a lot. Although the French fries are the standard kind, it has the right amount of crunch and flavor. The mayonaise and ketchup (both mild and without too much sourness) were complementary.

Spar city supermarket

Witte de Withstraat 32-34, Rotterdam

The deal is a sandwich (12 kinds) and a smoothie (7 kinds) of choice for €2.45. I got the sandwich "gezond (=healthy in Dutch)" with thinly sliced chicken and the raspberry, strawberry, and blackberry smoothie. It was pretty late when I got there, so I only had the choice between three smoothies that were on ice and from the packaged sandwiches on the shelves. But the baguette was still a bit crispy at the crust, the lettuce inside was not too wet and mushy, and the different flavors (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, boiled egg, cheese, and thinly sliced chicken) of the sandwich were quite okay together. I forgot to take a picture, because I was too hungry and the smoothie came in a plastic cup with a dome on top, so I didn't even have a free hand to take a picture. I wish the smoothie came in small plastic bottles, which I could just throw in my bag. The raspberry, strawberry, and blackberry smoothie wasn't too sweet, too sour, or too thick, which I quite liked.   

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