[Swatches] models own nail polishes: Rhubarb and Custard and Oval Plum

During my short visit to London (in 2014!), I was able to purchase several nail polishes from models own and Barry M., which are two nail polish brands, which I normally cannot find in stores and have to get online. Today, I will show you two of them: models own nail polish NP213 Rhubarb and Custard and models own nail polish NP220 Oval plum. I know it is very late (understatement of the year), but people may be inspired to find a dupe or create one that is similar or with a different twist. 

models own nail polish NP213 Rhubarb and Custard 

models own nail polish NP213 Rhubarb and custard sweet shop collection

This nail polish is from the models own sweet shop collection, which consists of 5 scented nail polishes. I picked the one that has the elements that I was the most into at the time: red, jelly, and glitters. It actually looks similar to the pa nail color A81 that I bought before, but that one has sparklier glitters. I also love the scent, as it smells like sour candies, which are my favorites as a child. Application was a bit tricky, as it can get messy due to it being a bit runny. That's why I had to apply about three thin layers and let each layer dry properly, before I added the next one. But the effort is worth it, as the result is stunning. The glitters do get less sparkly and more muted as time pass by, but at night time, it still looks amazing. The glitters don't scratch and tug onto everything while on the nails and it was reasonably easy to remove. The nail polish didn't chip easily and it lasted up to a week. 

models own nail polish NP220 Oval Plum

models own nail polish diamond luxe oval plum NP220

This nail polish is from the models own diamond luxe collection, which consists of 10 nail polishes containing real diamond dust. I picked this color as the deep purple looked beautiful and the red shimmers made the color warm enough to be suitable for me. Application wise, I also applied three thin layers and it looks great. I think this is the perfect nail polish for Christmas parties. It looks elegant and very festive. 

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