Leaked sex video

Recently, a sex video was leaked from another Dutch celebrity (not mentioning the name, as people might get curious and google for more information). Not too long ago, a Dutch female celebrity was able to get the people, who spread the video of her, punished in court, which is not an easy job with the anonimity on the Internet. Even though we should all know by now that even a nude picture can push someone to suicide, why does this still happen? 

There are a couple of possible reasons that cross my mind. Is it because he is rich and famous and seen on TV a lot nowadays? Is it out of jealousy? That they want to be him and because they can't have it, nobody should? Or is it because they want to take revenge, as they were not treated the way they want by him personally or he did things in general that they didn't like? I am not trying to take sides, but it is a pretty harsh punishment, as it may never get off the Internet and last for a lifetime. It is definitely not something anybody should do in the heat of the moment. But hate and anger can make people do strange things, unlike their normal selves. 

So, shit happens. But why do people actually watch and share such pictures and videos? I have never received such things, so I might never understand why people do this. My reaction to it would be: delete and forget about it, moving on with my life. But I never felt peer pressure nor did I ever fit in any group (you don't want to ruin the fun or be a party pooper, so you don't stand up for your own beliefs?), so it is easy to say for me. Although I have a curious nature, I just don't feel the need to see anybody's naked body that they didn't show me out of their own free will. I have a sense of pride that if I want see someone naked, I can win him over with my charm. No need to violate his body and privacy. 

And what about the people who say that he or she shouldn't have taken them in the first place? Firstly, not always were they taken with their permission and even so, it doesn't mean that they can be shared freely. It is a bonding thing between people to share the latest juicy gossip, but it should never hurt anybody. It is not funny and a joke, when you are the only one laughing and the victim isn't. You can say that it isn't a big deal, but everyone reacts differently to things and who knows what kind of pain they already have, hidden behind their smiles. Even the rich and famous have problems, maybe not similar to yours, but life equals suffering for everybody. 

I want to end this with a positive note. On Instagram, the male celebrity shared a message he received from a nurse, when he was admitted to a hospital: "Never forget, God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers."

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