OOTD: looking like an ostrich

Today, I want to share the outfit that I have worn a lot lately. It is great for the winters in the Netherlands, as it can get really cold outside and too hot inside due to the central heating. I can always take off the wool vest, when the heat gets uncomfortable. The wool vest from Zara is the key piece in this outfit and I added the other items to match it. I bought it years ago and I just loved the frilly part at the bottom. People like to make fun of me, looking like an ostrich and big bird, but it is fine. I will still wear it a lot, as it is very warm and comfy. The wide collar can even be rolled out to cover the head like a head scarf. The cap sleeves keep the warmth in really well for a vest. The white shirt is from Uniqlo and it has a bit of a stretch in it, which makes movements less restricted. The black legging is the one from Forever 21 that I got for €4 before. With such a large vest, it is best to wear a pair of leggings or skinny pants to not make yourself look too big. The belt is also from Forever 21. It came with a dress and I bought the dress just for this belt. 

Zara wool vest natural tone uniqlo white shirt forever 21 belt and black leggings workwear outfit of the day ootd inspiration

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