Too good to go: cakes from Dudok and Kunsthal cafe

In December last year, I was lucky enough to be able to get some cake from the Too good to go app. Thanks to that, I was able to serve a lot of different desserts during the holidays. Even though the cakes might have been frozen, the flavor was still nice.

Cakes from Kunsthal cafe in Rotterdam

I received two cakes at the Kunsthal cafe for €13.30: a large carrot cake and a white bavorois cake. They were neatly cut in slices already, which made it easy for me to take the amount I need from the freezer and defrost them in the fridge in the morning. 

On top of the plain bavorois cake, I added a layer of strawberry jam and fresh raspberries and blueberries. It looked festive and the flavors were a perfect match. The cake has a tart yogurt flavor and an airy mousse texture. It was not too sweet and the buttery base was tasty.

Bavorois cake strawberry jam raspberries blueberries kunsthal cafe too good to go app

My mom loves carrot cake and she was really happy to see the box with large slices of carrot cake. In the app, I saw a picture of this carrot cake and it was supposed to have three layers, the middle layer seems to be halved and my cake is the one with the bottom on top. I don't really mind, as the slices are really big already. I cannot imagine how I can finish twice the amount. The carrot cake has a fragrant, herbal flavor, which isn't too strong, and the butter cream was firm and creamy. 

Carrot cake kunsthal cafe Rotterdam from too good to go app

Cakes from Dudok pastry shop in Rotterdam

It is really hard to get your hands on the Too good to go boxes from the Dudok pastry shop. But around Christmas, I happened to see them place many boxes on the Too good to go app. I think that they were items that didn't get sold during the busy Christmas period, as they don't want their customers to get disappointed and leave with empty hands, so they made more of everything.

I bought two Too good to go boxes for €7.98 and I was allowed to choose what I wanted. There were two choices and I got a box of each. The first box was a selection of Dudok's cake slices from their regular menu. The second box was the limited edition Christmas cake, a schwartzwalder cake with chocolate shavings and cherries. 

Dudok assorted cake slices lemon meringue raspberry passion fruit apple pie from too good to go app

Dudok christmas cake schwartzwalder cake cherry chocolate from too good to go app

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