Opening day of the La Place Express in Rotterdam city center

Yesterday, the La Place Express store opened in Rotterdam city center and it is located next to the back entrance/exit of the Primark store that I wrote about earlier. They created a new concept and the main point seems to be the coffee and tea bar with a selection of prepackaged freshly made sandwiches and pastries. At the back, there is a small selection of basic grocery items and at the side, there are different kinds of small bread and a selection of cooled items, such as juices (notably, a fresh coconut with a straw included), fresh yogurts, salads, ham and cheese slices, and pizza. There is a small sitting area at the left of the entrance to enjoy your food and drinks. 

La Place Express in Rotterdam city center

I didn't notice much warm food or filling meals, but maybe it was too early for that. Since I was hungry, I ordered the normal hotdog (€2.50) and the other person, who I was with, ordered the chicken hotdog (€2.50). The sausage was not that juicy and flavorful, but the bun was crispy and the slightly sour, creamy mustard sauce was nice. The size was reasonable for that price. 

La Place hotdog chicken hotdog creamy mustard sauce

The opening deal was a large cup of Caramello latte for €2.50 instead of the normal price of €3.50. You can choose for a cold or warm version. I somehow got the warm version in this heat (they were a bit busy and they couldn't hear me that well with my mask on and all the people nearby), but the coffee flavor was pretty strong for a latte, which I liked, and the crunchy bits of caramel didn't melt away immediately and you can still taste it in the sips near the end. The paper straw was cute and the plastic insulated cup was not too hot on the outside to hold. 

La Place Caramello latte paper straw plastic cup

The first 100 customers also get to receive a goodiebag filled with delicious La Place items: a small bottle of mango, passionfruit, and chili pepper juice, an oatmeal cranberry cookie, a cinnamon roll, a bag of yasmin green tea, and a caramel seasalt chocolate spread. I really liked the soft and buttery cookie. 

La Place Rotterdam goodiebag yasmin tea cookie chocolate spread juice cinnamon roll

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