Review: Canmake Your lip only balm 02 - clear & vivid

The second makeup item that I got along with the Kiss Liquid heart rouge lipgloss and the fukubukuro from Japan was the Canmake Your lip only balm SPF15 PA++ 02 (clear & vivid). I seriously like tinted lip balms and the lip balm looked really pretty in the pictures. It has a gold ribbed gold turning base and a transparent dark purple-grey, plastic cap with carvings like diamonds. The cap closes with a nice snap sound and inside, there is a black-grey-white toned flower print on the sliding base. 

Canmake Your lip only balm 02 clear and vivid

The light purple, transparent lip balm stick is very thin and it doesn't go back in, so don't push it out too much. When applying it on the lips, it is very soft and creamy, like vaseline. I think it is because the lip balm stick is very fragile and it will break if you push it out too much and use too much force during application that they made it unable to go back in. So, you only push out the amount that you need, which is approximately a few mm. Because the lip balm stick is so thin, it fits in any small bag or pocket and application is also more precise (as in: you don't get it outside your lips that easily, so even without a mirror, you can re-apply it).

Right at the start, you don't see much, but the lip color quickly comes out after a few minutes. It isn't very glossy and it looks like a non-drying lip tint was used. It is great if you are looking for something that gives you a natural effect on the lips. By the end of the day, my lips don't feel really soft and moisturized, but at least, it isn't dry like it normally is, without using anything. The warm pink color is quite longlasting and the added sun protection was useful during my trips in Asia. It is one of my few lipbalms that I have used to the last bits. It helps that it is convenient to bring along (very small and light). 

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