Review: Chupa Chups sparkling soda in the flavors grape, melon, and strawberry

I am normally not really a soda person, but the past heatwave has got me craving for something cold and refreshing. When the restrictions were lessened a bit, I went shopping in the city center. Previously, I have already seen it in Asian supermarkets and web shops, but it was a bit expensive. So, when I saw the Chupa Chups sparkling soda at the Xenos store were 2 cans for €1.50, I had to go buy it to try out. I also saw that they had the Japanese ramune soda in a special glass bottle with a glass bead with a 20% discount, selling for €1.59. I bought it before at the Takumi Düsseldorf ramen shop in Rotterdam and the Amazing Oriental shop for a higher price. 

There were three flavors of Chupa Chups sparkling at the Xenos store, but I picked the strawberry and cream and the grape flavor and I didn't get the orange. During a random visit to the Coop supermarket, I spotted the melon and cream soda flavor that I just love for €0.99 per can. It is more expensive than at the Xenos store, but still cheaper than most stores.  

Review Chupa Chups sparkling soda in the flavors grape, melon and cream, and strawberry and cream

I first tried the Chupa Chups sparkling strawberry and cream, as it is one of my favorite Chupa Chups flavors. I actually taste it faintly, which is a good thing for me. I was afraid that it would be too overly sweet. If you are familiar with Calpis soda, it actually tastes a bit like it. It has a slight sweet and creamy strawberry flavor at first, but there is also a slight tart, yogurt like flavor, and a slight bitterness from the sparkling water. It is the same with the Chupa chips sparkling melon and cream, as the slight sourness makes it not too nauseating sweet. It has the exact melon and cream soda flavor that I liked so much during my trips to Japan. I really like it and it is also a not too sweet version too. 

The Chupa Chups sparkling grape is totally different, not just in appearance (the strawberry and cream and the melon and cream flavors have a milky pink and milky green color, whereas the grape flavor has a transparent, deep purple color), but also in taste, as the grape flavor tastes more refreshing without the cream. It has the typical Asian grape candy flavor and it is not something bad to me. 

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