Pieces sale

During the pandemic, I have been doing more online shopping than normal. I prefer trying things on first and feel the texture of the fabric. It can be a hit or miss with online shopping and I hate the hassle of returning (and I heard some companies burn the returned items, as it costs less than sorting and cleaning them for re-sale), so I end up with a lot of clothing items that do not fit me well, but take up space in my closet. I don't know if it is because I think it will fit me one day when I lose or gain weight, if I some day meet someone who it would be a perfect match with and can gift it to, or if it is my frugal side that I got from my mom, who refuses to throw things out for no reason. I really need to clear out and sort my closet one of these days, as it got too messy. But before that, I will show you my new items from the Pieces sale.

In the Pieces newsletter, I saw this beautiful white dress with colorful print (€39.99, now €15.95) and I couldn't get it out of my mind. I am not sure if I will keep the string in the back (I might cut it off with a pair of scissors). The back part is also too revealing for me, so I might add a piece of cloth or I will wear it with a t-shirt underneath. The fit is great, but the cotton fabric can get wrinkly.

Pieces white multi color print dress

This white frilly wrap top (€34.99, now €13.95) is very pretty and it gives me a waist (which is normally non-existent). It is somewhat sheer, but I will be wearing this over a camisole or a strappy dress. 

Pieces white frilly top

The blue striped cotton dress (€39.99, now €15.95) was somewhat a risk, as I saw that it looked tight around the collar, even on the model. Luckily, it wasn't that bad on me and the A-line flows nicely, covering my wide hips. The fabric isn't that prone to wrinkling and the hidden buttons makes it possible for me to not need to wear an extra layer underneath. 

Pieces blue white striped dress

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