Staycation at easyHotel in Rotterdam City Center

During the pandemic, many people had a staycation in their own city or country. Since we couldn't really take an airplane and go somewhere far like we normally do, we tried to find beauty and relaxation in our surroundings. I think I have never walked around as much through the streets of my city, while avoiding crowded public transport, as now and I have seen almost every tree, plant, and flower. While working from home, it is more difficult to relax or to have a clear boundary between work and life. That's why some people have a staycation at a hotel for a few days. You can have a change of scenery, get a fresh surge of ideas, and get more work done, away from the people at home and the pending chores. Or the total opposite, people can leave their work behind, get away from social media, turn off their notifications, and just relax. It is also a way to support the hotels, as there are less tourists now.

I have picked out two hotels in Rotterdam and I will first start with the most affordable one, the easyHotel. This hotel is located in the middle of Rotterdam, with a busy shopping street a few steps away. Its location is great, as there is a large Albert Heijn supermarket, three famous fast food places (McDonalds, Burger King, and KFC), many fashion and beauty stores (such as H&M, Primark, Douglas, ICI Paris XL, and Zara), and a big electronics store with multiple floors (Mediamarkt) in the direct vicinity. The metro stop, Beurs, is really closeby and the metro can directly take you to and from the Rotterdam Central train station. 

I stayed in the twin room with airconditioning and heating, free WiFi, and an ensuite, glass-walled bathroom. The room was clean and it is really a no frills hotel, as there was no mini fridge, an electric kettle, toothbrush and toothpaste, hairdryer, and pen and paper. I do like that there is a red cubicle stool and a small desk in between the beds. I didn't use the flatscreen tv that is hung against the wall, as I brought my own laptop. It was the first time, I used a hair, hand, and body wash in one, but in essence, all of them is soap, so it is probably okay. If you only need a bed and a hot shower, your basic needs are met. However, there is some noise, as you can sometimes hear the room guests next door and pick up bits of the nightlife outside (music and talking people). This can differ per room, as the twin room with the window facing the trees had less to no noice, while the double room at the other side had more. 

The next hotel, which is also a good place to have a staycation in, is the citizenM hotel.

EasyHotel in Rotterdam city center twin room ensuite bathroom

EasyHotel Rotterdam City center bathroom toilet shower

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