Unboxing and review: Jo malone discovery kit with the new Wild Swimming collection

Review of the scents from the Jo Malone Wild Swimming collection:

Salty Amber

It has the distinct manly aftershave scent, but with a hint of refreshing, salty sea water. Sometimes, there are tiny notes of plants and flowers

Crystal Campion

It is a very flowery scent with sweet hints of black current. It has fresh, grassy notes and a warm, not really noticeable, amber end note.

Aqua lemon

Out of the three scents, I like this one the most, as I don't like too flowery or heavy fragrances. It has a light, but noticeable, main mandarin peel scent, hints of refreshing lemon petitgrain, and a light woody end note. I don't know if it is because I am Chinese and I am no stranger to dried mandarin peels, but it brings out a very comfortable and homey feeling.

Forest Moss (not included in the sampler kit)

Review of the sample bottles:

English Oak and Hazelnut (already reviewed before)

Wood Sage & Sea Salt

It starts out as a nice and sweet, almost sugary, scent and ends with woody notes and hints of seasalt, toning down the sweetness. Even as someone that doesn't like heavy and manly cologne scents, the sweet and refreshing notes made me like it and understand why this is a bestseller.

Blackberry & Bay

It has a refreshing, grassy, green scent with tiny sour notes from the blackberry, but also, a clean and soapy scent, which I love.

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