Gmarket wish list items

Because I have already made a Gmarket order this month, I am restraining myself from buying anything at the moment. One order per month is the maximum amount that I have set for myself or else I would go broke soon. ^_^. On Gmarket, you can add items on your wish list and it will stay there for 3 months. The button for it is located right under the product photo on the product page. These are the things that I have added to my wishlist:

Etude House Hello Kitty fragrance. The packaging and the Hello Kitty bottle with wings on them are just too cute. Because I waited for a few days, the pink one (sweet scent) and the blue one (baby powder) are already out of stock. I can now only get the yellow one (tropical scent).

Update: I bought all three of these Etude House Hello Kitty fragrances in the new solid perfume version. You can see them here.

- Tony Moly Tinted Lipbalm. After using the Moist Lip Care Stick of Tony Moly, I am really convinced of the moisturizing qualities of their lip products. I think that this one should be very moisturizing too. The good thing is that the brush is stored separately, as you don't have to worry that the lip product will get contaminated. The jelly part is for moisturizing the lips and the lips part in the middle is to put color on the lips. The content is almost the same as the Peripera Wonder Talk Lip Balm that I have bought lately. I have to finish that tin first, before I can buy a new one. >_<

-Beige sandals. Korean shoes normally run small, so it is really rare that they have shoes in size 39 or it is the largest size that they have. I found a store on Gmarket that has some shoes in larger sizes. I already have a pair of sandals in black, but I would love to have a pair of sandals in beige to add to my shoe collection. It is also perfect for this summer and to wear with my clothes in nude colors. It only costs about 20 euros (without considering the international shipping costs).

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