Peripera sale Oct 2012

The Peripera shop at Gmarket is having a sale again. You can pick out your own three favorites from the very popular Peripera wonder talk lip balm tins and the Kiss tints collection for just 9,900 won ($9.15). So, you can either get a set of 2 Kiss tints and 1 lip balm, 3 lip balms, 3 Kiss tints, or 1 Kiss tint and 2 lip balms. You are also free to decide the colors yourself.

I have used both products and they are really good. You can read my reviews of them here: Peripera Wonder Talk lip balm no. 3, 4, 5, and 6 and Peripera Kiss tint no. 4 - Water Rose.

The lovely Peripera eye shadows are also on sale. You can get three eye shadows of your choice for 7,900 won ($7.30). The third selection is fixed to number 1, which is a yellow gold eyeshadow. This color is really versatile as it can be used as a base color to any color on top, adding sparkle and depth. I own two of these eye shadows and they are really pigmented. The two newly added, fall 2012 eye shadow colors (no. 40 and 41) look very nice. The brown with gold glitters and the khaki green would look great on people with brown eyes.

I just checked and I saw that the Peripera wonder of lips lipstick is also on sale. You can pick three of the colors listed for only 9,900 won ($9.15), which is about 3 dollars per lipstick. The lipstick has a very cute pink packaging with pink lace pattern on it. It applies a bit sheer, but you can add more layers to increase the intensity of the lip color.

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