My birthday nails

Yesterday was my birthday and I, as a big nail polish enthusiast, naturally needed to do something special with my nails. However I could not use my Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday dupe, the Etude House nail polish PWH901, because with it, I have already created and worn this nail art design just a month ago. I remembered that I had bought very pretty pearl nail stickers from Etude House in my 7th Gmarket order, which I saved for special occasions. I believe, my birthday is more than sufficient reason to wear these. :)
This is how my nails looked like on my birthday:

pastel pearl nail art

It looks like it was very difficult to create this nail art, but it was really a breeze. I just used the Bead Candy nail stickers from the Etude House Sweet Nail Shine Stone collection. The pictures underneath show you how the nail stickers look like.

Etude House Sweet Nail SHine Stone Bead Candy
Directions on the back of the packaging.

Etude House Sweet Sweet nail stone pastel pearls Etude House Sweet Nail SHine Stone Bead Candy

Etude House Sweet Nail SHine Stone Bead Candy taken out of packaging
The nail sticker sheet.
The nail stickers come in a small and flat packaging made of thin paper, that is 9 by 6.5 cm. It also has a transparent foil wrapped around it. When you take off the carton cover, you will see what is in the picture in the right. Printed onto the paper underneath the transparent nail sticker sheet, you can see suggestions of where the nail stickers should be placed and on what finger. You can just take the sticker off that you want and unlike what is stated on the packaging, the stickers are already cut the right size and the pearls and gems are stuck in one piece already, so you do not have to put the stones on your nails one by one. I recommend using extra false nails glue, because the stickers do not really stick on very securely. Using a top coat did not help that much either. Also, avoid washing your hands as much as possible (use anti bacterial hand gel instead :P) and doing rough things with your hands, for it to hold throughout the day.

What better day to wear these delicate nail stickers than on your birthday, a day you can legitimately be a bit spoiled and do or ask others whatever you want. ^_^

I found that it is possible to re-use these nail stickers. You just have to be careful not to lose them without noticing and use false nails glue the next time to stick them on your nails again.

Here are some more pictures of my nails, enjoy!

Peripera nail polish PK022
The pink nail polish is the Peripera nail polish PK022

I used less nail stickers on my left hand and it looks quite nice too.

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