Holika Holika Spring/Summer 2013 items

The recent Spring makeup collections have already made me feel like I am floating on cloud 9, but Holika Holika has also managed to put a smile on my face today.

Holika Holika has two new nail polish sets out in the prettiest spring colors: the Luminous Silk Ladies' Nail Kit 01 Romantic Lady and the 02 Fresh Lady. In the set that is pictured, the 02 Fresh Lady, there is a light pastel orange, a coral, and a turquoise nail polish. The 01 Romantic lady set contains the other three nail polish bottles that can be found in the right bottom corner: a light pink, a rose pink, and a pale brown nail polish. The sets are being sold for 6,500 won each.

Holika Holika has also created four different Bloom-in multi balms, which have their own specific purposes. The packaging is just too pretty. It reminds me of the cute Daisy perfume bottles of Marc Jacobs, except they only have one flower instead of three. The promotional pictures features Dasom from the Korean girl group Sistar.

As you can see, these Holika Holika Bloom-in multi balms are packaged in transparent cases with a cute flower pot print at the front. I really want to get all of these multi balms, just to create a flower garden in front of my window. ^_^ I think that this multi balm has the same effect as a tin of vaseline (like how you can put it it on cuts and scrapes, moisten dry skin, etc.), but besides being a lot more cuter, it also has added benefits: Women Balance (pink flower), Good Sleep (purple flower), Stress Free (yellow flower), and Focus Well (turquoise flower). Based on the colors of the balms, I think that these have an added scent. The purple one has to be lavender, as lavender is commonly known for helping to sleep better, and the turquoise one should be mint, as chewing on pepermint can really help in getting sharp, while studying for tests. The pink multi balm contains cape rose oil and the yellow one has citrus oil. The shape of the multi balm is pretty similar to dome blushers and the flower is actually quite handy for unscrewing the transparent dome shaped cap. 

The new eSpoir eyeliners, which come in beautiful spring colors, are a bit too expensive for me, but these new Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliners should be able to fit in my budget. Although the spreader tool is really cool and the texture should be pretty good, I rather want more colors to play with. With one eSpoir eyeliner costing 17,000 won, I could already get three of these Holika Holika eyeliners (4,900 won each). I really like the peach, pink, and turquoise colors. I already own four colors of Holika Holika eyeliners and they are quite good for the price. You can find the swatches of these in this "Etude House Eraser Show Line Remover Stick" post, where I have tried to remove the eyeliners without water.

I also spotted a new range of Holika Holika Heartful lipsticks. I own the Holika Holika Heart Ful Moisture Lipstick CR301 - Sweet coral from the first lipstick collection, but the color is something that I still need time adjusting to. ^_^ The lipstick does feel quite moisturizing on the lips and not uncomfortable at all. The lipstick case is metallic pink with a light pink print. It also has a lovely, sweet fruity smell and you can choose from 6 colors.

Next, Holika Holika introduced the Heartful Glossy Lipsticks. The 7 colors that you could choose from, didn't really appeal to me, so I didn't get any of these. (It was before I became interested in orange and coral tones. ^_^). The packaging of these lipsticks is actually quite cute with the pink stripe pattern.

Currently, there is already a third generation of Heartful lipsticks, named Heartful Silky Lipsticks, and there is a choice of 8 colors. Do they intend to add one more color choice with each new range of lipsticks? :) The lipstick case is neutral silver this time, but it at least has a cute purple print. I think it is an attempt to make it look less childish. I can imagine that the more mature ladies also would like to try these lipsticks and the pink packaging could have been a hurdle. The delicate white lace print makes it a lot more elegant. The "silky" texture is also something that I would like to try sometime. Just like the previous versions, these new Heartful lipsticks cost 7,900 won each in the Holika Holika stores.

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