Modi marshmallow nails (and 60 additional Modi nail polishes)

Colorful pastel nails are great for this Spring and you cannot go wrong with these nail polishes from the new Modi marshmallow nails collection. I especially like the many tones of green and blue in this collection, since they are my favorite colors. The amount of pastel colors is quite plentiful. There are 10 colors in total, enough to get a different color on every nail of your hands. No. 91 and 92 are two different kinds of white glitter top nail polishes, which should work really well over these pastel colored nail polishes.

When I was starting to think that I have collected all the Modi nail polishes that I like, I just had to discover these. I don't think I am ever done with buying Modi nail polishes. There are 60 nail polishes with codes starting with a S and they belong to a different collection than the Modi Glam Nails nail polishes that are now up to no. 92.  I almost want to get each and every one of these nail polishes. The glitter nail polishes look particularly stunning. ^_^

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