Royal nails for the last Queensday

Here in the Netherlands, Queensday is a national holiday and it is a big event, in which almost everyone hits the street to celebrate. On this particular day, you are allowed to put a blanket on the street and just start selling trinkets and your old stuff. There will also be flea markets with a lot of stalls with food, drinks, and other things on sale. Streets will be filled with orange (royal color), and red, white, and blue (colors of our national flag). This year will be the last time Queensday is celebrated, as we are soon going to have a king, which will have his Kingsday.

Of course, as a true nail polish fan, I have to create nails fit for this occasion.

My first nail look was created by just taking out all the orange nail polishes that I own.

Orange nail polishes

 From left to right: Peripera OR406, Etude House OR207, nail polish A from the Beauty World French Nails FNC684 set (did not use it in the end as it is too sheer), Tony Moly TR14, Peripera OR407, and Peripera OR401.

Let's see how it turned out.

orange gradation nailsorange ombre nails

orange ombre nails

I also wanted to do something with red, white, and blue nail polish as these are the colors of our national flag. I used one of the orange nail polishes that I did not use, the Tony Moly nail polish TR14,  on the pinky.
red, white, blue nail polishes for Queensday nail art

 Nail polishes used: pa nail color A81, nail polish C from the Beauty World dot artist DNC682 set, and Modi nail polish 16.

Queens day nail art

koninginnedag nagels | Queensday nailsQueens day nails

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