Peripera peri's Smoothie Pencil liner sets

I really like the eyeliners from Peripera, so when I discovered these peri's Smoothie Pencil liner sets in limited edition metal tins with prints from Mari Kim, I was really excited. Sadly, I already own the Peripera Smoothie Waterproof Pencil Liner 3 - Deep Khaki, 4 - Night Purple, 6 - Shimmer Beige, and 8 - Golden Peach (shown in this post). This means, I have two of the colors from each set. The black, brown, and beige colors are also in both sets, so I can't really buy both sets unless I want to have a lot of spares. ^_^  

These Peripera peri's Smoothie Pencil liner sets cost 35,000 won each. It looks quite reasonable, as the full-size eyeliners normally cost 7,000 won each. The eyeliners in the sets however look like they are in travel size, so about 2/3 of a full-size one. But still, you get a cute tin, which is very sturdy and reusable and you are going to be one of the first to try the two newly released eyeliner colors in Night Plum and Shimmer Brown (From the pictures, I thought this was a gold eyeliner, but it is actually a light champagne brown. ^_^).

Side note: I really like the pink streaks in Mari Kim's hair. Everyone seem to be inspired by the pink sakura blossoms and have gotten beautiful pink hair for Spring. It makes me want to try it too. Still, considering it though. ^_^  

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