Etude House Bling in the Sea collection

When you just thought that the Etude House Color Pop collection was the last you would see from Etude House for this summer, there is actually also this beautiful, mermaid inspired, Bling in the Sea collection.

The first thing I noticed on Sulli, the model in the ads, is of course the nail polish that she is wearing on her thumb. I have to say that I am once again surprised by the nail polishes that Etude House comes up with. There are six Bling in the Sea nail polishes and all of them are glitter nail polishes. ^_^

Etude House Bling in the Sea nail polishes

For this nail polish collection, you can really easily tell that they were inspired by the sun, sea, and the beach. The nail polishes also have really pretty names, it is almost as if they are elements of an exciting fairy tale. On an island far far away, the sand there is made of pure gold and their princess has long been under a spell that requires a Magic Kiss to awaken her. But before you can get to her, you first need to collect the Silver bubbles from the dangerous sea and also the really rare Mermaid's tears, and then wander through the Sea garden to find a Shiny Jewelry Box. ^_^   

no. 1 Golden Sand
no. 2 Magical Kiss
no. 3 Silver bubbles (foam of the waves created in the sea)
no. 4 Mermaid's tears
no. 5 Sea garden

I was a bit disappointed by the lack of colors of the Etude House Color pop shine tints (only 5!), but what do you know, Etude House was actually planning to release 5 more, pretty pink tints. Just like with the Color pop lipsticks, it feels like they are almost the same colors, just slightly different in tone. The good thing is that I only need to get one of these, but I still get the problem of deciding which one is my color as I can only get them online.  >_< 

Etude House Bling in the Sea Color pop shine tints

To get mermaid like eyes to match with those lovely pink lips, you need the new Etude House proof 10 Bling Eye sticks and Auto pencils.

Etude House Proof 10 Bling Eye sticks

There are 5 new glittery, pastel colors that have a chalky texture, just like the HEMA eyeliners that I just reviewed. I am actually quite intrigued by the white tips, where does the color come from? ^_^

Etude House Proof 10 Auto pencil

There are two new colors, a metallic brown and a metallic marine blue.

Etude House Bling in the Sea Glowing powders

Finally, to get a sun-kissed look, there are two kinds of Bling in the Sea Glowing powders that act as a bronzer/highlighter. The first one has a pink tone and the second one has an apricot color. 

More finds

I don't know how, but Etude House has also found the time to develop this Lash perm - All Shockcara mascara. If this mascara can really do what they are showing in the pictures, I would probably look just as shocked as Krystal in the promotional picture. ^_^

Although not as exciting, they have also created these Slim & Long Sharp Liners with the selling point of having a 1.5 mm thin tip. The print on the packaging looks similar to the one of the Innisfree x Jill collection. They also have a striped crayon print, but Etude House has chosen to use a pink crayon instead of a blue one and varied with stripes, diagonals and dots. The cap is also really funny as it has a clip similar to writing pens. I don't know how and which situations that would come in handy though? ^_^  

The Etude House Bling in the Sea collection also has the following additions: a new version of the Etude House Sun BB cream and the very vibrant Proof 10 Color eye sticks.

Etude House Sun BB cream

From what I can tell, there doesn't seem to be much difference with last summer's Sun BB cream except for the lovely blue and white packaging with silver details. It only has two shades: N02 and W13. W15, which is the darkest shade of the previous version of the Etude House Sun BB cream, appears to have been dropped.

Etude House Proof 10 Color Eye Sticks

The colorfulness that was missing from the Bling eye sticks can fully be found in the Color eye sticks. I am especially fond of the BL602 (can it be a dupe of the Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow - Jade Shore from the Chanel L'été papillon de Chanel collection or maybe the Aritaum Wannabe Longwear Shadow no. 5 - Skyler that I want?) and the BL603 (a gorgeous emerald green).
Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow in the color Jade Shore

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