Innisfree beads nail kit and velvet nail kit

Innisfree is a little late to catch up with the caviar nails and velvet nails trend (made famous by Ciaté), but they have just introduced two different kinds of nail kits, which should be a nice addition to the current offering. Each set cost 10,000 won.  

Innisfree beads nail kit

There are two sets that you can choose from: one is a lovely purple ice cream sprinkles set and the other one is a dark blue caviar set.

One set contains a bottle of beads (6g), a bottle of Innisfree nail polish (10 ml), a small funnel, and a plastic container (actually, it is the plastic case that the funnel and the nail polish bottles are wrapped in ^_^) for you to catch the pearls in.

Underneath, you can see how you can create the caviar nails with the Innisfree beads nail kit.

I prefer the purple set, since I really like the pastel beads. It looks a bit as the Guerlain Meteorites pearls, but then a lot smaller. The dark blue set looks very similar to the Ciaté Unrestricted Glam & Black Pearls set, except for the blue beads that seem to be more visible in the Innisfree set. I prefer the black to predominate, as it looks more sophisticated. But for people that didn't like that the blue in the Ciaté set was barely there, this set from Innisfree would be more to their liking. 

Innisfree velvet nail kit

The Innisfree velvet nail kits are not as pretty as the Innisfree beads nail kits, but are still worth mentioning as they are in two colors that I haven't seen before with regards to the velvet nails.

One set has a blue color that seems almost like a smurf blue and the other one is a pristine white set.

The Innisfree velvet nail kits contain one Innisfree nail polish (10 ml), a bottle of velvet fibers (2g), and a short brush. The bottle containing the velvet fibers seem to have a salt and pepper shaker like opening, which makes applying the fibers very easy. Afterwards, you only need to brush off the excess with the provided brush. The two colors seem to be inspired by stone washed jeans. It is not the first time I have seen denim being a source of inspiration to nail polish brands. Etude House had created a denim inspired Fashion Queen nail polish set and even Ciaté has a denim manicure set.

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