Peripera Heart Glow CC cream

Similar to the adorable packaging of the Skinfood CC cream, Peripera has also decided to have a cute tube for their CC cream instead of one with a professional clean design like many other brands. In the advertisement underneath, you can see that Hwang Jung Eum, the model for Peripera, has a healthy glow with the CC cream on.

The CC cream tube has a handy dispenser and "Heart Glow" is written on it in golden letters. Even though there is just one color, it shows in the pictures that it is suitable for people with fair as well as darker skin tone. I think that the no. 21 and 23 is the skin tone code that Peripera has.

The same heart and pastel drawing style has also been implemented in Peripera 's latest Heart Glow Pact and Oil Capture Pact.

Peripera Heart Glow Pact

For extra coverage, you can apply the Peripera Heart Glow Pact over the CC cream or you can also wear it on its own. It gives you a powdery and flawless look. I really like the two different heart prints on the pacts and the hearts that were pressed in the powder.

Peripera Oil Capture pact

If you have an oily skin, then this Peripera Oil Capture pact would be perfect for you. The powder has such good oil absorbing qualities that it can also be used to apply on greasy hair (similar to a dry shampoo). The picture with the shiny nose and the after picture looks very convincing. The packaging also looks very mess free, since the sponge is in a separate compartment underneath. 

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