Tony Moly Aqua Aura Cooling cushion CC cream

Whereas Peripera and Skinfood have tried to be different in this heated CC cream battle by creating a cute packaging for it, Tony Moly has taken an element seen before with the BB cream, the cushion applicator, and also added a cooling function. Tony Moly already had a normal CC cream and this is their newest version, which claims to be able to lower your skin's temperature with 4 degrees Celsius. I can imagine it to be quite refreshing, if you live in a country with hot and humid summers. It is during those times that you don't want to layer too much on your face, so a light and cool CC cream would really be nice. Because it has a sponge applicator, you can also re-apply it on the go and don't get your fingers dirty. The cooling and moisturizing properties sound really good to me.   

While I was looking for new Tony Moly products, I also spotted these Berry Trendy Hair Color Tints. I have always wanted to try those color hair chalks, but I am not too sure if the color would show up on my dark hair. I really would like to try pastel pink or blue, but I probably need to dye my hair blonde first. ^_^
These six colors from Tony Moly look bright enough to show up on even the darkest hair colors. I really like the bright pink and purple colors. My only concern is that some hair chalks can stain your clothes. I really hope that it at least washes off easily. 

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