Peripera Love Fairy collection

Peripera has just released the Love Fairy collection, which contains lipsticks, hand creams, lip balms, and lip essences. There might be more in this collection, but this is what I have been able to find at the moment.

Peripera Love Fairy Tint Glow Sticks

I haven't even bought the Peripera peri's tint gloss yet, but there is already a new lip product from Peripera. I am not sure if it is as glossy and moisturizing as in the lip swatches they have provided, but if that's indeed the case, I would love to try this. Just for the cute illustrations by Park Jung Soo - who also did the illustrations on the Peripera I'm Hot body balm -, I would buy all of them. ^_^

There are 5 colors that have really cute love related names: 1. Ready for Kiss, 2. Love is Play, 3. Windy Love, 4. Love in the Rain, and 5. Magic of Love. In the picture above, the colors are ranged according to their color pay off. Lipstick color no. 5 Magic of Love has the most color pay off and no. 1 Ready for Kiss has the least. These Peripera Love Fairy Tint Glow sticks are meant to be sheer and glossy, so you cannot expect these to fully cover your own, natural lip color.

Peripera Love Fairy Hand creams

There are two kinds of the Peripera Love Fairy Hand creams: no.1 Mild Love and no. 2 Deep in Love. As the name suggests, the first hand cream is mild & light and the second hand cream deeply nourishes your hands. I really want to get one, but my hands can be considered as very dry, so I need to buy no. 2 - Deep in Love, but I don't like the baby powder scent. Or I could buy hand cream no. 1 just for the packaging and the nice cherry blossom scent, and just pray that it will be moisturizing enough. It is such a dilemma. >_<  

 Translations in this picture were done by me.

Peripera Love Fairy lip balm tins

Peripera has created two lip balms, of which one is specifically for during the day (Hello Day Lip Butter) and the other for night time (Sleeping Lip Butter).

Peripera Love Fairy Lip essences

There are three, different Love Fairy Lip essences: two color changing tint essences (lemon and cherry) and one colorless lip essence. 
In the lip swatches, you can see that the tint essence no. 1 gives you a natural, light pink color and the no. 2 a vibrant pink color. There are no swatches of the Peripera Love Fairy Lip essence, but I am sure it just looks like an ordinary transparent lip gloss.

Once again, I got the "I want to be in Korea, so that I can buy/own this" feeling. Because when you spend 50,000 won or more, you can get this cute cosmetics pouch. ^_^

All pictures in this post are from Peripera and they were edited by me, hence the watermarks.

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