Summer accessories

For the summer, you have to have some colorful accessories. I have done some shopping and I bought some rings, bracelets and hair bands that would look great with any summer outfit.

I have first bought these rings in a set of 5 at H&M. It is part of their Conscious Collection and the rings were made of 100% recycled polymethyl methacrylate from pre-consumer waste. For 4.95 euro, it is great that I could support a good cause and be fashionable too. ^_^

I especially like the two gradation rings, one is peach-yellow and one is purple-lilac (see underneath).

From the front, the rings look like colorful ice cubes. ^_^

On sale, I also found these Montini rubber bracelets at Lucardi (an affordable jewelry store in the Netherlands) for 1 euro each. They had them in many colors, but I choose the Tiffany blue and hot pink ones. The bracelets each have a different charm and as you can you see, mine have a heart and a skull charm. These bracelets are good lookalikes of the Marc Jacobs rubber bracelets.

Lastly, I found these cute, pastel hairbands on sale at the Accessorize store. I only paid 1.50 euro for 4 of these. ^_^  I have never tried wearing them all four, but I think wearing two at the same time would look quite nice too. You can pick the colors that you want to coordinate with your outfit. For example, green and yellow for a refreshing look and pink and purple for when you feel girly.

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