banila co. The Great Love F/W 2013 makeup collection

Banila co.'s Fall/Winter 2013 makeup collection was clearly inspired by "The Great Gatsby" and the collection is called The Great Love. After Missha's Belle Epoque, I guess I need to give you another short history lesson. ^_^ The movie "The Great Gatsby" is an adaption of the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The story of the novel finds place in the Roaring Twenties (1920's), in which jazz music and art deco were highly popular. The women back then mostly had their hair in a bob and they wore short and flowy skirts. The art deco influences can be found in the metallic, mechanical wheels (they really aren't flowers, even though they look as pretty) and the geometric shapes on the makeup packaging of the banila co. The Great Love collection.         

SNSD's Jessica, the spokes-model for this campaign, almost look like Carey Mulligan in the movie "The Great Gatsby". I really like the hairband. <3

Besides the hairband, I also really like the lip color that Jessica is wearing in the picture. I am guessing, she is either wearing the banila co. Glam Muse Lustre Lipstick LPK569 or the banila co. Dual Tinted Gloss in pink. Among the lipstick colors, I again spotted a dark burgundy color (lipstick LPP656). This color really is a must-have for this Fall/Winter season.

There are two banila co. The Great love eyeshadow palettes: Soul (brown-based) and Desire (purple-based). The colors can be considered as quite safe, I was actually expecting more smokey colors.

The lack of smokey colors in the eyeshadow palettes is compensated by the Extra bold eyeliners, available in three colors (brown, purple, and grey). It has the same packaging as the Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tints, a crayon tint on one side and a cushion applicator on the other end. It is quite interesting to see that the eyeliners have such a blunt tip, while every brand is trying to make the thinnest eyeliner.      

There are four banila co. The Great Love eyeshadow singles and they are really natural colors that would look good with the Extra bold eyeliners. The transparent packaging has a gold, mechanical wheels print on the lid.

The same mechanical wheel print can not only be found on the lid of The Secret Face Blush, but also embossed on the blush colors.

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