Review: Etude House nail polish RD302 - Ruby Red Sand

Previously, I have already shown you three nail polishes from the Etude House 2013 Summer Glitters line: WH901 - Cotton Candy Kiss, OR203 - Coral Party, and the PK003 - Dragon Fruit Cocktail. The Etude House Summer 2013 nail polishes also contained four Summer Sand nail polishes with sand texture. I was really curious about these nail polishes when they were released, so I bought the Etude House nail polish RD302 - Ruby Red Sand to try out.

Review: Etude House nail polish RD302 - Ruby Red Sand

From the promotional pictures (which you can find in this post), I thought it would be a dark burgundy red liquid sand nail polish like the one in the recent Missha F/W 2013 Belle Epoque collection. But when you apply the nail polish on the nails, it turns into a bright red color, fitting to the name Ruby Red Sand. It also has fuchsia and blue glitters to make the color more complex. This makes me think that the other three Etude House Summer Sand nail polishes might not be as dark as pictured too. 

It was quite difficult to take good pictures of the nails due to the uneven texture and this picture underneath was the best out of the bunch. 

Etude House nail polish RD302 - Ruby Red Sand on nails

When you apply the nail polish, it looks like a normal red glitter nail polish, but when it dries, you start to see the gritty, sand finish. It actually makes your nails feel a bit like sand paper, but then the softest kind. ^_^ With one coat, it still looks a bit sheer, so you need to apply two coats to get the best results.

I don't own any of the OPI liquid sand nail polishes, but based on the swatches that I found online, I would have to say that it is not that similar to the OPI The Impossible as that nail polish is a red with orange tones, whereas this Etude House sand nail polish is a deep red. I think that this nail polish looks the most like the OPI Magazine cover mouse, but without the gold glitters.

Review: Etude House nail polish RD302 - Ruby Red Sand

The wear time isn't that good, because the nail polish on my index finger chipped within a day or two. I have to add that I didn't use any base coat or top coat. I also put part of the blame on my intense typing (the nail polish chipped, while I was working behind the computer ^_^). The rest of the nails were fine without any chipping for a week. This nail polish actually stays on the nails quite well. It is just that when you put pressure on them in a certain way, the nail polish might chip off in one large piece. In my case, it was about the size of the half of my nail. It is not that it crumbles off bit by bit.

I was quite surprised by how easy it was to remove the nail polish from my nails. I expected it to be a horror due to the gritty texture that for sure would get caught on the cotton pad, but none of that happened. I just placed the cotton pad with nail polish remover on the nails for a while and wiped the nail polish off in two easy swipes.    

Etude House nail polish RD302 - Ruby Red Sand

To sum up:
Before I didn't really understand why people were so exited by the sand texture nail polishes, because they didn't look that good in the pictures. But I personally found out, it really is hard to take accurate pictures of them. On the nails, it looks like a very interesting kind of glitter nail polish, meteorite like and very sparkly, especially in the evening. But the only minus is that I don't really like how it makes my nails feel a bit gritty.  

You might have also seen this nail polish on my nails in my YouTube video review of the Peripera peri's Smoothie Pencil Liner set.

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