Etude House Halloween 2013 nail sets

After being totally blown away by last year's Etude House Halloween nail polish sets, I was already counting the days before it is time for Halloween again. Today, Etude House has released a picture of their Halloween 2013 products and I have to say that I feel a bit disappointed. It is not that bad, because I quite like the interesting colors of the nail polishes (from what I can tell: pumpkin yellow and orange, mysterious purple, and black) and the spooky nail stickers are really cute. The packaging have nice illustrations too.

But I wanted something more special and maybe it is the lack of glitters that made me not like this range of Halloween products as much. I hope that one of the lip tint balms at least have some glitters in them or have an unusual purple color that magically turns pink. ^_^

Update: I found a better picture of the Etude House Pumpkin Moonshine Party Nail set and the nail polishes do have glitters in them. ^_^   

See the nail polishes of the special edition Etude House Halloween 2012 nail sets on my nails in this Youtube video that I made.

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