Etude House Chocolate Kiss collection

Etude House has planned something sweet for upcoming Valentine's Day. They will soon introduce the Chocolate Kiss collection that consists of two Perfumed Lip sets, one Hand cream set, a Perfumed body mist, and two sets of nail polishes, which also includes a sheet of nail stickers. 

I am especially curious about the Perfumed Lip sets. At first glance, I thought that they had the same concept as the couple lip balms that Holika Holika and the Faceshop had. But they actually contain one tube of perfumed lip essence and one lip stain stick; one for nourishment and the other one for the hint of color. The first set has a floral/apricot scent and the second set has a citrus/peach scent. This is quite unusual as all the other products in the Etude House Chocolate Kiss collection has a chocolate scent. Maybe they were going for the fruit dipped in chocolate concept, since your lips smell like fruit, but your body, nails, and hands will smell like chocolate. ^_^

While I was looking at the new products from Etude House, I also discovered these very cute hand creams (25 ml each). There are 6 types and each has a different print.

Rich Butter Hand Cream, Rich Collagen Hand Cream, Rich Vitamin Hand Cream, Rich Water Hand Cream, Rich Sugar Hand Cream, and Rich Cotton Hand Cream. 

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