Samsung Meet & Greet

Last year, I was invited to the Samsung head office in Delft for a meet & greet (I know, I am a bit backlogged >_<). Just last month, they had actually held another one. It was a lot of fun talking about the brand, Samsung, and giving ideas of improvement. I am not sure if what we discussed is top-secret, but I think I can share this one, as it is already known to the general public. On that day, we decided on the "flappie" joke that eventually got posted on their Facebook page. It is also good to hear that they will organize more competitions, such as winning tickets to red carpet events with limo pick-up. The Giftmas event, they had in December 2013, had made many Samsung fans very happy.   

Samsung Meet & Greet goodiebag

This is the content of the goodiebag that we received.

content Samsung Meet & Greet goodiebag

After seeing this picture, many friends asked me if I received a mobile phone, but it is actually just a flyer.  ^_^

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