Benefit hydrating tinted lip balms

Today, I was very surprised by the release of the Benefit hydrating tinted lip balms. They have created a lip balm in matching colors to the famous lip tints. I have been wanting to get the Benefit lip tints for a long time, but the $30 price tag was a bit too much for me. For just $18 each, it isn't that difficult to collect all four colors anymore. I am also a total fan of sheer and glossy lipsticks and these seem to fit the bill. The colorful metallic casings are really pretty (Although I might get fingerprint issues with it >_<). I wonder if they are meant to be worn alone or on top of the lip tints. In the swatch pictures on the Benefit website, the lip balms seem to give off as much color as the Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips lipsticks that I have, so I think it should be fine on its own too.

Side note: I really appreciate the Benefit swatch pictures featuring girls of 4 different nationalities.

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