New in: turquoise HEMA frying pan

Two weeks ago, I saw this HEMA frying pan on sale for just €5 (original price: €8) and I just had to buy it. The bright turquoise color just makes me happy, looking at it. I think this is going to make me love cooking even more. If you don't like this color, you can also get it in dark pink and dark blue. Pots and pans in bright colors and with a white non-stick coating are quite rare, so I am very happy to have found this frying pan.

HEMA turquoise frying pan

The HEMA frying pan has a base thickness of 2.5 mm, which is a bit on the thin side, and the diameter is 28 cm. The wideness makes it possible to even make the large Dutch pancakes in. The frying pan is made of aluminium and it is suitable for all heat sources, except induction. It is also dishwasher safe.

I haven't used this to cook anything yet, but I will let you know how it went on my blog. 

HEMA turquoise frying pan bottom
HEMA turquoise frying pan non-stick coating

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