Rocco by Rodenstock - welcome back festival

Last Wednesday, I attended the Rocco by Rodenstock - welcome back festival. Rocco was a famous eyewear brand between 1960-1990, but it (mysteriously) disappeared right after. To celebrate its return, they held a festival that was supposed to be held outdoors. But due to the rainy weather, they had no choice but to move everything indoors.

When I arrived I was welcomed by the cool Rocco by Rodenstock caravan and a cotton candy van, which also had popcorn and hotdogs. 

Rocco by Rodenstock caravan

cotton candy van

Inside, there was a small stand at which you could let someone make customized bracelets for you, a dj booth, and a corner where you can print out your selfies (wearing the Rocco by Rodenstock eyewear). I can imagine it to be a lot more fun if everything was placed outside as planned. The cotton candy van didn't get many visitors as you needed to go out in the rain for it (but it didn't stop me from getting a cotton candy candy on my way out ^_^). One of the staff also kindly went back and forth with trays of delicious hotdogs, so the guests didn't need to go outside for it.

dj booth at the Rocco by Rodenstock welcome back festival

At the party inside, there were a lot of Rocco by Rodenstock glasses and sunglasses that you could freely try on and make a selfie with. Every hour, the person with the best selfie shared on Instagram would be rewarded with a free pair of glasses of choice.

Rocco by Rodenstock glasses
Rocco by Rodenstock sunglasses

It would have been too much work to look up every pair of glasses in the two pictures above, but I managed to look up the serial code and the color of the pairs underneath from the catalog that I received in the goodiebag. I might have some wrong, so it is best to consult your local glasses store if you are interested in one of the glasses.

Rocco by Rodenstock orange sunglasses RR315
RR315 B Orange

Rocco by Rodenstock RR309 black/orange layered
From left to right: RR313 A Black, RR310 C Red structured, RR301 A Pink, RR309 B Black/Orange layered

Rocco by Rodenstock RR411 green
RR411 C Green

Rocco by Rodenstock RR416 dark blue/yellow layered RR303 havana
 RR416 D Dark Blue/Yellow Layered and RR303 D Havana

Rocco by Rodenstock RR417 crystal and red RR420 light blue
 From left to right: RR420 D Light blue RR417 B Red, and RR417 A Crystal

Rocco by Rodenstock RR418 blue RR420 black and champagne
From up to down: RR420 A Black, RR418 C Blue, and RR420 C Champagne

Rocco by Rodenstock RR418 pink RR420 light blue RR416 plum/orange layered RR415 Turquoise blue
 From left to right: RR418 D pink, RR420 D light blue, RR416 C plum/orange layered, and RR415 C Turquoise blue.

Rocco by Rodenstock sunglasses RR315 chocolate and RR305 blue
 RR315 D Chocolate and RR305 B Blue

Of course, I had to try on a few pairs too. I have always had a hard time buying any glasses, whether it was sun glasses or normal glasses. I seriously don't look good with glasses due to my round and wide face. I also look like a bookworm very fast (I am actually one, but not everybody needs to know that. ^_^). That's why I resorted to wearing contact lenses (saved my life!). 

It was a lot of fun trying all the glasses that they had there without anyone forcibly trying to sell me one and I was amazed by actually finding a few that look decent on me. I think I would have never considered leopard print, but it doesn't look that bad at all. I also discovered the perfect sunglasses for my face shape.

Rocco by rodenstock RR414 C Havana and RR414 B Green structured
RR414 C Havana and RR414 B Green structured

Rocco by Rodenstock RR308 B Pink and RR309 B Black/Orange layered
RR308 B Pink and RR309 B Black/Orange layered

I received a cool black canvas bag with neon yellow print (back and front), which contains flyers and the Rocco by Rodenstock catalog.

rocco by rodenstock canvas bag back and front

I also brought back two small bags of Pipers crisps.

Pipers crisps

From the Dutch accessories brand Melz, I received a custom made bracelet. I was allowed to pick out the color of the string and the charm myself and they made it for me on the spot. I really like the clover charm and hopefully, it will also bring me a lot of luck. ^_^

Melz lucky bracelet pastel colors and clover charm
braided ends of the Melz charm bracelet
Melz charm bracelet worn

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