eSpoir beach bombshell summer 2014 collection

Since the eSpoir F/W 2013 Sensual Affair collection, eSpoir has my full attention again with this eSpoir Beach Bombshell summer 2014 collection. Although I am still in the middle of reviewing my pastel nail polishes that are long overdue (the first one being: Peripera nail polish GR314 - Mint Meringue), I am already feeling the warm summer vibes from this beautiful collection. 

As a blogger, I know how hard it is to take a flattering picture of your nails together with the makeup that you have on your face (I have never been able to do this! >_<). For this reason, I really think that they have done an excellent job on the campaign picture. The model's expression shows that she is lying under a warm sun and she is trying to elegantly wipe some sweat off the side of her face. The sand is also glistening beautifully like gold.

Here are my favorite picks from this collection:

eSpoir lip stain flash glow

It seems to me that glossy lips will be back on trend again again for the summer, as can be seen from the Innisfree Jelly tint and now, the eSpoir lip stain flash glow. It looks similar to the eSpoir lip stain water glow that they had released last summer, but more pigmented in color. I would love to get the colors Be Mine, Kiss & Tell, and Merry Berry, but with the price tag of 16,000 won, I think I can only afford to get one.

eSpoir Beach bombshell fashion nail polishes

Since last summer, I have been enchanted by the Chanel nail polish 657 - Azure from the L' été de papillon de Chanel collection. I haven´t been able to find it, as Chanel nail polishes come rare at where I live. But the color Emerald Splash seen to be a dupe of this mermaid/deep-mysterious-ocean blue nail polish. I also really like Melting Summer as it has a very pretty warm gold color that I have never seen before.
L'été papillon de Chanel
L'été papillon de Chanel

 eSpoir S/S 2014 fashion nail polishes

The nail polishes found underneath were released earlier this year, but they are part of the eSpoir S/S 2014 fashion nail polishes, so they still fit with the summer theme of this post. Although the colors are not particularly special, I really like the bright colors that remind me a bit of the new Dior vernis IT-shades Mirage, Wonderland, Aventure, and Pandore. As I have written before in my Innisfree Jelly Tint post, I am starting to get used to the idea of matching my nails with my lip color and I am not afraid of trying it for once. 

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