Etude House Lock ' n Summer collection

Whereas eSpoir is going for the Beach Bombshell look for this summer, Etude House is having a different approach: Rocking our summer instead with the Lock 'n Summer collection. The emphasis lies on a heavy eyeliner, softened by a lovely blush and with a bright, matte lip color. They have also extended their cushion system to the eyeliners and blushes. The reason why they have the word "lock" in their collection name is that all products are summer-proof and should "lock" on the place it is applied on, even during hot summer days.

The Etude House Lock 'n Summer precious mineral proof any cushion (18,000 won) doesn't seem to be all that different from the original Etude House Precious mineral any cushion pact, except for the pretty packaging and the Summer Lock system that they have added, which makes the product stay put on your face even in the scorching heat of the summer. 

The Etude House Lock 'n Summer Cushion Blusher (9,000 won) is available in two colors: Hey Yo! Pink and Let's Go! Coral. I really like how natural the blush looks on the face.

The Etude House Lock 'n Summer proof 10 Cushion Lock 'n Liner (9,500 won, refill: 5,000 won) is available in 5 colors: DJ Black, Peace Brown, Scream Red, Go! Blue, and Rock Purple. For the blush, I could still understand how the cushion could be very useful to evenly and airily distribute the product. But for this eye liner, it looks a bit wasteful to me, because most of the product that comes out of the large surface will be wasted and dry up. But I haven't personally used this product yet, so I could be wrong. The glittery, metallic sheen of the eyeliner does look very pretty.   

The Etude House Lock 'n Summer Face Conditioning Fixer (10,000 won) is great for fixing your makeup in the summer and it is also very moisturizing and soothing to the skin.

The Etude House Lock 'n Summer lash perm proof shockcara (11,000 won) seems to be an improved version of the Etude House Lash Perm All Shockcara mascara. The previously hot pink cap and brush now has a cobalt blue color. It promises to be super waterproof and it looks like it also has a rotatable brush. It is available in only one color (black).

The Etude House Lock 'n Summer Color Lips-fit (9,000 won) is a special edition of the original Etude House Color Lips-fit and they have created 5 new colors for the summer. Compared to the previous colors, these are noticeably brighter and more pigmented. Especially the berry shade would look really rock 'n roll with a winged eyeliner.

PP501 - Brave Berry | OR203 - Live Orange | PK004 - Pretty Hot Pink | OR204 - Slush Tangerine | OR205 - Love Coral (translations done by me)

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