Report: HEMA Blog Academy

Yesterday, I was one of the 1000 (aspiring) bloggers that were chosen out of 2500 applicants to attend the HEMA Blog Academy at the HEMA head office in Amsterdam, which I had visited before for the HEMA press day S/S 2014. The first time, I went there with the bus, but nowadays, I know that it is easier to take the ferry, located at the back of Amsterdam Central Station.

When I got off the ferry, I was surprised by the large crowd that was heading to the HEMA head office, but it was to be expected with the massive amount of 1000 invitees. At the time, I couldn't really imagine how they were going to fit that many people in the office lobby. >_<

 HEMA head office Amsterdam Netherlands

But we were all able to comfortably get seated in the white chairs that they must have taken a lot of time to arrange. I do wonder where they get that many chairs from? It is not like every company has 1000 plastic chairs standby in the storage room. ^_^

HEMA Blog Academy
 I got a very pretty, natural lens flare in this picture. ^_^

I really have to compliment the people that organized all this, because the sound equipment was very good. I could hear the speakers very well and also the attendees that had questions received a microphone to speak in. They have also placed three large screens (one large one in the middle and the slightly smaller ones on the sides), so no matter where you are seated, you should be able to see everything clearly. 

HEMA Blog Academy presentation

On the screen, you can read "HEMA maakt gewoon bijzonder". I wonder if this is their new company slogan, because it is quite genius. Literally, it means "HEMA makes the ordinary special", but it also means "HEMA just makes things special". 

The HEMA Blog Academy started off with the presentations of the CEO and the E-commerce manger of HEMA. They talked about HEMA and how they want to develop it with an eye on the current developments. They understand how important bloggers are and that's why they are launching a new platform for bloggers to place blog posts that are related to HEMA.

They also gave us a sneak peak of the new extensive range of small gifts that will hit the HEMA stores soon. The most memorable is the pop up ice cream mold, as they had shown us a very funny TV commercial about that product, which hasn't been aired on TV yet. 

The HEMA Blog Academy is set up together with Fashiolista Agency and they had invited 4 HEMA bloggers with the niche beauty, fashion+food, interior, and male fashion to speak and answer questions. 

They had also invited Yara Michels (wearing a beautiful yellow blouse!) from Chapter Friday as a guest speaker, who had recently won the Bloglovin award in the category Newcomer of the Year. She held a very inspiring presentation with tips and tricks to create a successful blog. 

HEMA Blog Academy speaker Yara Michels from Chapter Friday

Lastly, we received some more information about the HEMA blog that will be launched soon. It was a very long, but instructive afternoon. To be honest, I had a hard time keeping my eyes open at times, since I had an event the day before too. But we all left with a lot of inspiration and new ideas to start blogging about. 

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