Halloween 2014 look 2: vengeful snow ghost

This second look for Halloween 2014 shows you what difference one eyeliner makes, as this makeup look is entirely based on the Snow princess look that I posted earlier and I just made the eye makeup become a smokey eye with the Clio Gelpresso pencil gel liner in the color no. 8 - Bloody Devil, which is a shimmery, dark burgundy/brown eyeliner. I could have went to a Halloween party as the Snow princess and at night, excuse myself for a short visit to the toilet (where I take out the eyeliner that I had hidden and create the eye look in this post), and come out again as a very creepy ghost. I think walking into a dimly lit room and with the light screen of a mobile phone under my face would increase the scariness. ^_^

This makeup look is loosely based on the Japanese folktale, yuki onna. I am not sure if they really wear heavy eye makeup like this, but it is the only mythical creature that I can imagine that roams through snowy areas looking for potential victims. They are also supposed blend into the white snow, so wearing white is already okay to start with.   

Halloween 2014 makeup look: vengeful snow ghost using Clio Gelpresso pencil gel liner in no. 6 - Bloody Sweet, no. 7 - Bloody Angel, and no. 8 - Bloody Devil

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