What I found under the Christmas tree

It is almost the last day of 2014, but I still wanted to squeeze in a short Christmas gifts post. Last year, I was too busy and before I knew it, it was already Spring/Summer and I didn't think it was a good idea to be reviewing Christmas products. To prevent this from happening again, I am going to quickly show you the things that I got for Christmas this year and last year as well.

The Body Shop hand creams and lotions, Christmas 2013

This year, I was really tempted in buying the Christmas 2014 products from the Body Shop (especially the advent calendar, as it was the first time, I could buy it here in the Netherlands), but I still had a lot of unused the Body Shop products at home. So, I just settled with using up the Body Shop Christmas 2013 products that I still had, which are the hand lotions in the scents: vanilla bliss and ginger sparkle and the mini hand creams set with the scents: cranberry joy, vanilla bliss, and ginger sparkle. It just didn't feel right to be using these during the summer, so they were practically new. I hear a lot of people are missing the ginger sparkle scent and I am really lucky to be able to still smell it for the whole winter.

I probably received more gifts for Christmas, but I don't exactly remember what I either got for Sinterklaas, Christmas, and my birthday anymore, since they are really close together (and it has been a year ago!).

But I do know what I got from Santa this year, and you can see them in the picture underneath. The white Christmas tree might look familiar to you, as it was the wooden HEMA Christmas tree that I wanted to get last year and I was so happy to be able to find it in the HEMA store this year too.

Christmas 2014 gifts: Sephora Favorites - Give Me More Lip, benefit Sweet Tintations, and Too Faced La Belle Carousel

The Christmas gifts that I got this year are: 

- benefit Sweet Tintations

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