Too Faced La Belle Carousel - mint green eyeshadow palette review

As promised, I will review each of the booklets of the Too Faced La Belle Carousel individually. I will start with the mint green eyeshadow palette with a carousel horse on the front. I noticed that all the booklets with the horse on the front are an eyeshadow palette and the blush & bronzer booklets both have La Belle Carousel written on the front. 

Too Faced La Belle Carousel - mint green eyeshadow palette review

I choose to try this eyeshadow palette out first, since it has the most challenging color combinations for me. I never really wear such colors on my eyelids and I think it is nice to go out of my comfort zone once in a while.

Too Faced La Belle Carousel - mint green eyeshadow palette swatches: Frost, Tin Soldier, Christmas Tree, and Santa's Boots

Frost is a sheer, silver glitter eyeshadow that can be built up to a pigmented silver color.
Tin Soldier is a pigmented, glittery, metallic dark grey eyeshadow.
Christmas tree is a very interesting, metallic green eyeshadow with a dark grey undertone. You can see that effect the best at the outer parts of the swatch.
Santa's Boots is a smudgy, black eyeshadow with silver glitters.

 Let's see how it looks on my eyelids.

La Bonne Nuit eye makeup look

The Too Faced La Belle Carousel came with a small How-To Glamour Guide and inside, I found the "La Bonne Nuit" eye makeup look for the mint green eyeshadow palette. I don't really know exactly how to create this look, as they only provided an illustration of the end result and I am not a makeup expert, but I think I manged to create something that looks similar and sort of works for my eye shape.

What do I think? 

The Frost eyeshadow didn't stay on its place too well, but that is to be expected for a sheer glittery eyeshadow. It works great as a highlighter and I love that it has a warm undertone (I think I can spot some small pink, blue, green, shimmers in it).

The Tin Soldier eyeshadow is very pigmented - one swipe is already enough - and a great staple eyeshadow color. 

The Christmas Tree eyeshadow is very smudgy and a bit hard to blend like the Santa's Boots eyeshadow. As you might have noticed in the pictures, I couldn't blend the black eyeshadow as it just wouldn't budge. That's why, it looks very patchy and unevenly distributed. You also really need to built up the color of the Christmas tree eyeshadow for the green to come out. The first few swipes only make it look like a smudgy, dark grey eyeshadow. However, it does look amazing as an eyeliner and I cannot wait to try it out as an eyeshadow, all over my eyelids. It has a very beautiful, mysterious green color.   

Ultimately, I think that you need to like glittery eye shadows a lot, as all four eye shadows contain small silver glitters that can create fall out.

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