Etude House Give Me Chocolate collection

Just like last year's Etude House Chocolate Kiss collection, the theme of this year's Etude House Valentine's day collection is chocolate. They have released 6 chocolate themed nail polishes and 3 cute chocolate bar dipped in sauce shaped mini eyeshadow palettes.  

Etude House Give Me Chocolate nails (8 ml; 3,000 won)

These new Etude House nail polishes don't have the rounded, wide brush anymore (as seen in my Etude House xoxo Minnie nail polish review), since they have changed it to a wide brush with straight ends. I am also surprised to see that the Etude House nail polishes now have metallic balls inside them. This means I don't have to buy the Etude House Stainless Shaking ball separately anymore. 


These are the names of the nail polishes (translated by me):

- Romantic white chocolate
- Opposite attract mint chocolate chip
- Mind charging salted caramel
- Fondant! Chocolate world
 -Devilish cherry ganâche
- Spring milk chocolate

My two favorites are the Opposite attract mint chocolate chip and the Mind charging salted caramel. ^_^

Etude House Give Me Chocolate shadow (4.5 g; 8,500 won)

These mini eyeshadow palettes have two colors (the chocolate bar and the sauce part) with which you can create a full eye makeup look. They come in a large match box like box with a cute, book cover print on the front and the eye shadows themselves are housed in a transparent, plastic case that are easy to take along.

I have to admit that I like all three color combinations. The cherry truffle eyeshadow palette is my favorite, as you can create a very feminine and romantic look with it and the two colors match very well. I also like the salted caramel eyeshadow palette as the focus is on the beautiful coral-orange shade and the light brown eyeshadow is just there to add some depth. The cacao fudge eyeshadow palette has a smokey, dark brown shade with a sparkly, pastel yellow highlighter. 

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