benefit hydrating tinted lip balm - posiebalm review (sample)

It really felt like Christmas (it literally was), when I got to try out 17 different lip products from the Sephora Favorites - Give Me More Lip set. I have checked and I haven't used any lip products from all those brands before, except for the benefit hydrating tinted lip balm. It is luckily in a different shade than the one that I already had (the benefit hydrating tinted lip balm - chachabalm). If you have read my "What I found under the Christmas tree" blog post, you would know that I also have the benebalm and lollibalm, which came in the benefit Sweet Tintations set with a sample of the matching benetint and lollitint. 

I was actually very curious about the posiebalm too, as the warmer pink is more suitable for me than the purple-based, cool pink of the lollibalm. So, that's why I choose to try this one out first, out of the 17 lip products in the Sephora Favorites - Give Me More Lip set.   

benefit hydrating tinted lip balm - posiebalm review en swatches

The benefit posiebalm has a sheer, glossy pink color with a warm undertone. I am normally a bit hesitant about wearing a light pink shade on my lips, as it often makes me look too pale. But it looked very pretty swatched on my arm. I was actually not too eager to swatch it on my arm, as the sample I got was very little. I already twisted the whole thing out in the picture above and I think I can only last about a week with it if I don't re-apply too much during the day.  

benefit posiebalm on lips and full face

I applied about 2-3 coats of the benefit posiebalm to get the result that you can see in the pictures below. The pink shade may look a bit light in the picture, but the lip tint that's in the formula of this lip balm gave it a slightly redder undertone over time. It has quite a strong rose scent that is similar to the one that the benefit chachabalm gets after some time. If you are bothered by that, you can let it sit around longer without using it, since the rose scent of my chachabalm has weakened a lot by now.

benefit hydrating tinted lip balm - posiebalm lip swatch and full face

It was quite funny that the best picture of myself was the one that I accidentally took and looked away in. It may sound strange to you, but I always look the best in pictures that were taken unnoticed than in the ones of me facing the camera. I must be cursed. ^_^

What do I think?

I have used the benefit posiebalm for three days straight now and I think I already used half of it, unless there is still a bit more product hidden in the bottom. In the pictures above, you can see me wearing the benefit posiebalm for the first time. After the second and third time, the initially, slightly firm lip balm stick melted more and the shade looked darker on my lips. I didn't have time to take pictures of that, but I will try to take some pictures of it soon, before I run out of product.    

It might be because it is a sample, but it doesn't feel as smooth and oily (in a good way) on my lips as the full-size benefit chachabalm that I tried before. It felt a bit rougher on my lips, but it did turn better during the third time I applied the posiebalm on my lips. The experience was closer to what I am used to with the chachabalm. However, it does have the same softening effect as the chachabalm. My lips immediately felt softer and all the flakes of skin on my dry lips came off more easily. It exfoliated better than a lip scrub.

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