Itinerary of my day trip in Brussels: Food - part 3

When you go inside the Les Galeries Royales Saint Hubert, the first street on the left is the Beenhouwersstraat (rue de bouchers) and this street is filled with restaurants. For me, the most important mission of this trip is to taste Belgian waffles, fries, and mussels and in this street, you can find many restaurants that serve mussels. Be warned, as some can be a bit aggressive, calling you loudly to come to their restaurant. During lunch time, you can buy a small pot of mussels with fries on the side and a drink for about €10 at many of the restaurants in this street. It is quite a nice deal, but I ordered a larger black pot of garlic butter mussels and a plate of fries on the side for €19.95 and a seafood platter for €27.95 to share with 4 people. It was quite nice of the restaurant to allow us to do that, as we went back to the Les Galeries Royales Saint Hubert for the second time to have a late lunch, after a long hike tasting the Belgian waffles and fries on the way (which you will see later on), so we were still a bit full. 

late lunch at a restaurant in the Beenhouwersstraat, brussels: complimentary bread and butter and cola with lemon

late lunch at a restaurant in the Beenhouwersstraat, brussels: black pot with garlic butter mussels
late lunch at a restaurant in the Beenhouwersstraat, Brussels: seafood platter

After buying some chocolates at the Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert during my first visit, I walked past the Anspach shopping center and went in to have a look. Many stores we also have here in the Netherlands, so I didn't buy anything. Further on the road, I also discovered the Delhaize Ad Anspach supermarket. The prices seem to be a bit higher than what I am used to, but I did buy a couple of things. 

Later on, I walked past Fritland (Rue Henri Maus - 1000) and it has a relatively large outdoor area, where you can take a seat at the long, white tables. It looked pretty good, so I ate some Belgian fries there. The chunky fries have a soft center with lots of potato flavor and they are crumbly crisp on the outside. They were quite tasty, but a lot of the fries were fried too long and turned too brown instead of perfectly golden brown. I think I paid about €3 for a bag of fries with mayonnaise on the side. I saw some other people order a large French baguette with a lot of fries in between. I am not sure how you are supposed to eat that, but it looked very interesting.

Fritland (Rue Henri Maus - 1000) Belgian fries with mayonnaise

After eating the fries, I walked (or let's say, strolled with a full stomach) towards the Manneken Pis, where I got this delicious, warm Belgian waffle for €1. I had only got half of it left, before I remembered to take a picture of it. ^_^ The waffle had a hard crust, but the inside is very airy and soft. There are here and there some clumps of hard sugar in it that got browned like caramel on some places.

Belgian waffle near Manneken Pis, Brussels

I will continue with the Manneken Pis area in another blog post.

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