First impressions: Lush Bunty Pink gift

I have always been curious about the wrapped Lush gifts and what fun it would be to unwrap one, so I bought the Lush Bunty Pink gift during last year's Easter. I was just pulled in by the cute yellow-pink polkadot print wrapping paper and the yellow ribbon with a flower shaped label.

Lush Bunty Pink gift pink yellow polkadot wrapping paper and yellow ribbon with flower shaped ribbon

I don't think I ever received a gift this beautifully wrapped (color coordinated and all!) and with a cute gift label. As change starts with yourself, I should look into the cute and affordable HEMA gift wrapping and give wonderfully wrapped gifts to friends and family first, before I can receive any back.

The Lush wrapping paper is made from 100% recycled paper and they encourage you to re-use the wrapping paper (so don't be a savage, while unwrapping it). I was able to get the wrapping paper out in one piece, so it is possible if you are extra careful.

The carton box inside is rather simple, but I think it's fine to not so much ink and other chemicals to make the carton look glossier and prettier. The sticker with a drawing of the people that packed/made it, still brings a smile to my face.

Lush carton box with sticker drawing of the one that packed it

I like that the box can be opened from the top and that you can close it again. The box can easily be re-used for storing Lush products.

opening a Lush wrapped gifts packing peanuts

Besides the packing peanuts made of corn, you can also find a small booklet inside, telling you more about the products that's inside.  

Lush booklet with more info on the products that are inside the wrapped gift

 What's inside the Lush Bunty Pink gift

The Lush Bunty Pink gift contains two bath bombs (Space girl and Think pink) and two bubble bars (The Comforter and Creamy candy). I am not sure why I bought this, since I don't have a bath. I planned to take them with me on vacations, to make the well deserved long baths after a exhausting hike extra special. But I didn't go away much and the hotel rooms I booked didn't have a bath. Hopefully, I am able to use them all this year (luckily they still smell amazing after a year!), but for now, I can only give you my first impressions.  

Space girl bath bomb (blue bath bomb with red glitters): it has a nice fruity scent. It is supposed to fizzle a lot and make crackling sounds. It will create red bath water with glitters in it. 

Creamy candy bubble bar (pink "slice of cake" with a yellow flower on top, 100 g) : it has a sweet candy scent. You need to crumble it under streaming water for a mountain of bubbles. It also contains almond oil and cocoa butter, making it extra moisturizing for the skin. It will create a milky pink bath water with many bubbles.

Lush Bunty Pink gift content: space girl bath bomb, creamy candy bubble bar, think pink bath bomb, and the comforter bubble bar.

Comforter bubble bar (purple and white swirl, 100 gr):  it has a nice blackcurrant scent. This seems to be the only product in this gift box that isn't full-size. It will create pink bath water with lots of bubbles.

Think pink bath bomb (pink bath bomb with three flower decorations): it has a very flowery sweet scent from the jasmin, tonka (with a caramel undertone!), and ylang ylang. It will create purple-pink bath water with rice paper confetti hearts that dissolve into the water.

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